Acquire to Inspire – an example how to make an acquisition – the right way

Congratulations!!! The company you worked for has just been bought. What would be the first thoughts on your mind? You would feel: optimistic, worried for your job security or the upcoming changes? No matter what you feel there would be changes for sure. As an IT professional recently the company I worked for Gemalto which [...]

The 4 steps to be an excellent Project Management

  Tony Robbins said that there is not such thing as an overnight success or overnight failure. As a simple message as it is, it's almost always forgotten during a project execution. If a Project was a successful, it's not because suddenly things turn well. There were series of tasks executed. Were all those tasks [...]

What is wrong with the Sandwich Feedback technique

Saturday, I was in the mid of Czech republic in a nice camp. The weather was refreshing.  9am and my training on providing effective Feedback started. Before delivering it, I did a lot of research. As a member of public speaking club, I know how crucial is to deliver the feedback in the right way. [...]

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